Concession Form

The Indian Railway Department observed that with every passing day, there were lots of enquiries from passengers who were differently abled, senior citizens, students and others about the availability of concession forms. To cater to the needs of all these passengers, the concession forms for the four various categories of disabilities and for patients, they have put up these forms on their official portal. Passengers can take a print of their relevant forms.

Concession-Certificate-Cancer Patients


Concession-Certificate-Heart Patients


Concession-Certificate-Orthopedically Handicapped / Paraplegic Persons / Patients (English)


Concession-Certificate-Orthopedically Handicapped / Paraplegic Persons / Patients (Hindi)


Concession For Non-Infections Leprosy Patients


Concession-Certificate-Totally Deaf & Dumb Persons


Concession For Thalsamia Major Patients


Concession-Certificate-Mentally Retarded Person (English)


Concession-Certificate-Mentally Retarded Persons (Hindi)


Concession-Certificate-Completely Blind Person (English)


Concession-Certificate-Completely Blind Person (Hindi)


Concession-Certificate-T.B Patients


Concession-Certificate-Kidney Patients


Concession-Certificate- Doctors


Concession-Certificate-Haemophilia Patients


Instruction For Filling Up The Application Form


Preferring Compensation Claim For Damage / Shortage / Loss Of Goods / Parcel / Luggage


Presentation On Accident Compensation Claim


Railway Claim Manual

Concession form for Aplastic Anaemia patient

Concession form for Sickle-Cell Anaemia patient